Destiny's Hands
Langley, BC
Release Date: June 29 2012
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Christian Fiction, Historical
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Destiny's Hands
A Novel

The Israelites have been slaves of the Egyptians for four hundred years. Nineteen-year-old Bezalel hasn’t suffered as much as most. From an early age his talents as a carver and goldsmith have assured him training and satisfying work in Pharaoh’s Pi-Ramesses craft guild. Moses’ sudden return to Goshen changes all that. His promise of deliverance followed by ten destructive plagues forces Bezalel to choose between a satisfying career in Egypt and loyalty to his people.

The nomadic existence of the wilderness presents its own challenges. Desert life has little need for goldsmiths. When Bezalel uses his skill to make a gift for the lovely Sebia, he finds himself in more trouble than he ever imagined. His idol-making expertise threatens to ensnare him. Will he ever realize the dream of using his talents in the worship of Yahweh?


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